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We’re a group of volunteer techies, social science geeks and content producers. Have a read about what we’ve been up to and how you can fit in.

Voter Data

Management of our voter data involves inputting and matching voter identification data, building walklists for canvassers and various other tasks.

Volunteer Database

Whenever volunteers sign up at our events we need to collect the signups in a safe place and be able to export lists for use by high-activity organizers.



We’ve created teambernieny.org as a portal for New York activity in support of Bernie Sanders. If you have WordPress skills, design skills, or you just want to write a post, get in touch.

Contact us at reach@teambernieny.org.

Share the Bern


  • I’m a freelance software designer / developer after working for Accenture for 23 years. I have time to spare and skills I’d like to put to use. I’ve spent years with WordPress, mySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Go, Java, Python, even COBOL. I have skills with cloud computing (Google Compute Engine, Amazon Web Services) and I have data warehousing and data design/query experience and am also a whiz with Linux and the data processing tools (grep, sed, awk, bash, etc.) I attended the data entry training in the Upper Brooklyn field office today and can help that way, but thought I’d offer to help in other ways as well. Let me know if you need me.

    • Thanks for getting in touch! For New York, definitely the best thing you can do is help with data entry and canvassing as we only have a week to go! If you’re interested in putting your coding skills to use you should seek out Coders for Sanders (a national team) and get involved that way. We could really use your help in this last week in NY though!

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