New York Voter Registration FAQ

Tick the right box: NY has closed primaries. If you want to vote for Bernie in the Democratic primary you must register to vote as a Democrat!

Can I register to vote?
What is the deadline to register to vote for Bernie?
What is this Oct 9 deadline I keep hearing about?
How can I check if I’m registered or which address/party I’m registered under?
I’m turning 18 soon, can I register to vote?
I have other questions. Where can I get answers?


Can I register to vote?

You can register to vote if:

      • You are over 18 or are turning 18 this year
      • You are not serving time for a felony and are not on parole (if you are newly off parole you must re-register. You can also register if you have not been convicted and are awaiting trial). Click here for more info.

    • You are a citizen of the United States

What is the deadline to register to vote for Bernie in the Democratic primary?

If you are a new voter (eg. never registered before, just moved to NY or are turning 18) you have until 3/25/2016 to register to vote in time for the Democratic primary. If you want to vote for Bernie, remember you must register as a Democrat or you won’t be able to vote in the primary!

What is this Oct 9 deadline I keep hearing about?

Oct 9 2015 was the last day for switching party affiliation in time to vote in the Primary Elections in New York in April 2016. This deadline only applied to existing voters who wanted to change party in time to vote in that party’s primary (eg independents switching to Democrat to vote for Bernie in the Democratic primary!). It DOES NOT apply to new voters.

Was Oct 9 really the deadline for changing party? How do you know?

Yes, it really was! Changes of party enrollment are only processed once a year. You must register your change of party no later than 25 days before the New York general election and the change takes effect the first Tuesday after the election.

The general election last year was 11/03/2015, making the party-change deadline 10/09/2015, and the next one is not until Nov 2016.

The Board of Elections has confirmed this date with us. Here are some other sources:
Board of Elections Political Calendar – see “Change of Party Enrollment”
NYC Board of Elections Dates to Remember – Oct 9th is listed as the deadline for change of party enrollment.
Election Law 2015 – If you’re up for a dry read, Section 5-304 contains the relevant information
Board of Elections Website – The important section is “Change of Party Enrollment” 


How can I check if I’m registered or which address/party I’m registered under

You can use this form to check.


I’m turning 18 soon, can I register to vote?
If you’re turning 18 on or before 31st December 2015 then, yes, you can register to vote now. If you’re turning 18 next year, you’ll have to wait until at least January 1st 2016.
Remember though, even if you register early, you can only vote once you turn 18!


I have other questions. Where can I get answers?

Please email and we’ll be happy to answer if we can. You can also contact your local Board of Elections – calling or walking in works best!

Other great online resources are or the NewYork4Sanders subreddit.

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  • I changed my party enrollment to Democrat in NYS at the Bearsville post office on October 9th. Because the U.S. Postal Service has closed the Newburgh sorting facility, the voter enrollment form arrived one day late (the deadline in NY is October 14). The mail is now sorted in Albany, and the mail takes twice as long to arrive anywhere in this area. I have been denied the opportunity to vote for Bernie, whom I have volunteered for and donated money too. I am in tears. This abrogates my constitutional right to vote as far as I am concerned. I know many people who this will happen to because we all texted each other to get our party changed and postmarked on October 9th.

    It is unrealistic in the face of the U.S. Postal closings of sorting facilities that a voter form can be delivered in five days, especially when one of those days falls on a Sunday. Please, please, have your people challenge this unconstitutional law. It is as if we live in the deep south here in New York. I know someone in Dutchess County who was told by the Board of Elections that he could only go in person to the Board of Election office on October 9th to change his party. When he went to the office it was closed. So I told him to go to his local post office and have them postmark it, as I did. Chances are his party enrollment change was denied also.

    This is an outrage. This is people in power denying our constitutional right to vote. Please, please publicize this and speak out.

    Thanks so much,

    Laura Queen

    • Hi Laura,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      I’m sad to hear about your experience and that your change of registration was not taken into account. Are you certain that this is the case? Have you contacted your local BOE to confirm?
      We’ve always felt that the Oct 9 deadline was a ridiculous one and were repeatedly shocked at all the misinformation that came from various BOEs about it. It’s not a well-known fact that there is a deadline for switching parties that is so long before the primary, which is why we devoted so much energy to raising awareness about it.
      The issue of postmarks was especially confusing – some BOEs said they would count if applications were received by Oct 14, others said they had to have the form in hand by Oct 9. In any case, the law does state that the deadline applies regardless of any post office failures. For that reason hand-delivering the form is always best – what happened to your friend is unusual though, did he go after 5pm?
      Just so you know, Team Bernie NY is a grassroots group. We don’t necessarily have a better ability to challenge this than you and your fellow voters who feel they have been disenfranchised. We’re all angered by the many stories like yours and we’ll continue to speak out about it, but our focus now is on winning the state for Bernie!
      I hope this won’t discourage you from campaigning for Bernie – Many people in the movement are not able to vote for various reasons. Our mission is to spread the word and galvanize as many people as possible to vote on our behalf! There is a very active Bernie group in Ulster County – are you already a part of it? If not let us know and we can put you in touch!

      • The deadline to mail in your registration form was March 25 according to the NYS voter registration site. My mother and her husband both mailed theirs in in early Feb to make sure that they would be registered as democrat in order to vote in the primary and it still has not been changed.

        • Hi Kathy,
          It sometimes takes a while for it to appear on the online status checker. You can call your local Board of Elections and they should be able to confirm that they received them. If they still appear unregistered by the time of the election they should still go to the polls and vote by affidavit ballot if necessary! Hope that helps.


      I think this is unfair Anybody that is register to vote should be able to vote in primary how itvis now if I don’t like my party choice to run for President I cannot vote for someone I would like to run this is not right you should be able to vote in primary for who you want but only for democrat or republican I don’t always vote Democratic bor Republican

  • I have looked up my registration status (having just learned about this more than a month late).

    I registered years ago as having no party affiliation. Am I screwed out of voting in the Dem primary?

    At the time, I did not know the implications of having no affiliation; I simply wanted to express my independence from the two-party system. This was a little stupid, obviously.

    • Hi Margaux,
      A lot of people feel the same way you do. Unfortunately, yes, it is now too late for you to change your party in time for the primary. Hopefully you’ll be able to cast a vote for Bernie in the general election!

  • I tried and tried to find out what party I was registered as. By the time I found out, it was too late. I found out I was not affiliated with a party. I’m very upset. You absolutely sure I can’t vote for Bernie? Reference please? I might just go don’t to the polls to find out.

    • Hi Janeen,
      I’m sorry to hear about it. It is a problem for many people who want to vote in the primary.
      In NY changes of party enrollment are only processed once a year. You must register your change of party no later than 25 days before the New York general election and the change takes effect the first Tuesday after the election.
      The general election this year is 11/03, making the party-change deadline 10/09.
      The Board of Elections has confirmed this date with us.

      You can call your Board of Elections to confirm. Otherwise the most reliable reference is election law (section 5.304)

      If you want to try and vote anyway, I suggest re-registering as a Democrat and check your status again closer to the primary. Let us know how it goes.

  • Hello,

    I voted in 2012 but wasn’t assigned to the democratic party, nor any other party as a matter of fact. I have just today (03/03/2016) registered myself as part of the democratic party and wished to know if I will be eligible to vote for Senator Bernie Sanders in april, for the NY primary?

    I am afraid that if I understood well, the dead line for people who has already voted in their life but wished to enroll in the democratic party had to register before October 9th, is that right?

    Thank you for keeping me informed.

    • Hi,
      Unfortunately you are correct – the deadline has passed. Your party change will come into effect after the next General election in New York (Nov 2016), too late for this April’s primary. Sorry you were effected by these ridiculous regulations. Let’s work to make sure Bernie gets the nomination and you can vote for him in the Presidential election!

  • Hello ,
    As I read through I noticed that in a part it said that if you have never voted you can still vote for Bernie does that apply to people who are a registered voter but have not voted in any election? Registering to vote was a requirement in my high school government class for all students 18+ so I registered through that but never chose a party because I at that point had no interest in politics or voting for that matter however I have because increasingly interested in the subject and strongly support Bernie and would like to help him beat Hillary in this raise on April 19th
    Thank you

  • My husband attempted to change his party from Independent to Democrat. He sent out the form well before the cut-off time and received a card denying his request. I’m curious if anyone else has had this problem. Also, I am a registered Democrat but can not find my voter I.D. Will I need that to vote or is my license acceptable?

    • Hi Amanda. Why do you think your husbands’ registration was denied. Can you describe what it said on the card? He should look up his status at this link and call the Board of Elections to find out what happened if it looks incorrect. You do not need any ID to vote if your registration is up to date. However I would encourage you to bring your license anyway just in case there is an issue.

    • Amanda, you can not find your voter identification because in New York there is no such document issued, so don’t worry, you didn’t lose it.

  • Is there anyway a voter’s registration get purged? If you get purged from the system does that allow you to re-register under a new party?

    • If you cancel your registration or your mail bounces you will eventually be purged. In that case you will be counted as a new registration. However, it is unclear how long it would take to get yourself purged so it’s not something we’ve been recommending. If you try please do report back!

  • I went to a volunteer event today. Someone told me you can still change your voter registration to vote for Bernie by March 25 even if you are currently registered with another party. I told her I thought the deadline was October 9, 2015. But she was very confident that the deadline has been extended. Can you tell me whether or not she was right? Because I have a colleague who would like to vote for Bernie but is currently registered with the Green Party. Thank you!

  • For those who were not able to switch in time I am wondering: Is it possible to write-in “Bernie Sanders” as a Republican or Independent in the New York primary? Years ago, I worked as a clerk for for a closed primary election in PA. Not sure if NY could work the same. But in PA: To vote for their person from another party some GOPs “wrote in” the Dem candidate and vice versa. One warning for this. If it is permitted to write-in, WRITE THE Bernie Sanders NAME EXACTLY as it occurs on the Dem ballot. So if the Dem ballot says Sen. Bernie Sanders, you would write it exactly that way with the title included. If you misspell it or leave out anything – that counts as a different vote to a different person. For example, a write-in of “Bernie Saunders” would not count as a vote for “Bernie Sanders” even though that is what you meant.

  • I was registered in a different county in NY as an independent in 2008 and recently moved to a new county in 2014 and just registered as a Democrat in this one. It says I’m eligible to vote in the primaries on the card but now I’m a little concerned

    • It also says my voter status in the other county is inactive. Does this mean I’m still eligible to vote for Bernie?

    • Hi Kenneth,
      Your best bet is to call your local county board of elections and ask them what your status and party is. Hope that helps!
      Thanks, Ella

  • I registered to vote a few months ago and I have never voted before. I had thought that I registered as a Democrat but I check the registration and I registered as non party. I am not sure if that means I can or can not change parties for this election. I am a first time voter, but I am already registered. I am pretty sure I can’t and had figured I couldn’t, but then I was just trying to figure it out and wasn’t sure.

    • Sorry Erin, unfortunately you cannot change in time for the primary

    • Everyone is having the same problem and honestly I think this is set up, I’m positive that when I register to vote back then when Obama became president I register as a democrat now it says “not enrolled in a party” and my cousin is having the same problem. I don’t know what kind of gov scheme is going on but I don’t like.

  • I recently moved 2 months from my parents house and my current voter registration has me listed at their address. However my actual id has an even older address on it… Can i get away with it or will they figure it out and not let me vote??

    • Hi Kari,
      You have until March 30th to change your address if you want to vote near your new address. Just go into your local BoE and register. Alternatively you’ll have to vote at the polling station that corresponds to the address you are registered at. Check the address here: and go to the appropriate polling place on election day. It doesn’t matter if the address on your ID doesn’t match.. what matters is the address you are registered at and making sure you go to the right polling station (they should send you a notification with the correct location to the address you are registered at.. if it’s your parent’s address they can look out for it for you). In general though I would recommend updating your registration before March 30th (the deadline for address changes before the primary).

  • Jason J Johnson

    This stinks I ‘m not registered and I just seen the March 25th dead line . Is this date only for the primary . Got to be Honest if Bernie doesn’t win nomination I ‘m most likely not voting unless he runs as a 3rd party or there is a good 3rd party . Wish Elisabeth Warren wound step up for him . He could really use her all in support . So if there is time for the general what is the cut off date . Im a independent but have moved from florida to NY and have not registered. If I would have know he was running as a Democrats I would have registered as a dem .

  • Timothy Dannenhoffer

    What are you doing about this?

    It’s outrageous that you need a whole year before the general election to change party affiliation.

    And is it true that they extended the deadline to March 25th to change affiliation from unaffiliated to Democrat?

    1) Nobody informed me of that after the Board of Elections told me it was too late to switch 2 months ago.

    2) I am not sure but there is a chance I was already a registered Democrat and that got switched to unaffiliated.

    Regardless, it’s BS.

  • I know I was registered as a democrat because I just got a survey from the DNC, to my home address, with a DNC membership number. When I look online it says “not affiliated with a party”

    how can this be? How do I prove I am already registered?

    • Hi John,
      When did you register?
      Being a DNC member is totally separate from your voter registration. You must have signed up for that at some point.
      Your best bet if you think you registered as a Dem is to call your local Board of Elections to complain.

  • I have voted in every election (save two) since 1970, but have never been a Registered Democrat or voted in a primary. What exactly is the procedure? Is there a sample ballot somewhere? Do we just vote Sanders or do we vote for specific delegates as well?

    Thank you.

  • Hi, I am a first time voter who registered online on the 25th of March. I registered as a Democrat but when I use the lookup site you linked I get no results. I have an email confirmation of my signup but its not online but my sister who also registered 3 minutes after me is already online. She is a Republican first time voter. Do the Democrats take longer to update online?

    • Keep checking but if you don’t appear your best bet is to call your local Board of Elections to find out what happened!

  • Is it possible change party affiliation online? I registered as an Independent under the belief that it meant independent voter, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Also, I understand that I won’t be able to vote for Bernie in April, but changing my party affiliation now won’t affect anything in November will it? I’m confident Bernie will be the candidate but this will be my first time voting.

    • Hi Richard,
      You can change your party affiliation online – it just won’t take effect until after the November general election. You cannot vote in the primary but changing your affiliation now won’t affect your ability to vote in the general election so you can go ahead.

  • Hey I registered few weeks back and when I went to check it said I’m not assigned to a party and the deadline was a while back. How do I make sure that I get assigned before voting day?

  • I changed my party affiliation online in dmv site back in October. I just looked up my voter info and found that I am still registered as an Independent! This is an outrage!

    • Hi David,
      Did you do it before October 9th deadline? You should definitely contact your county Board of Elections office to find out what happened.

  • I understand I missed the deadline for changing parties and cannot vote in April’s primary. I don’t understand your comment as to why changing to a democratic party now would not effect my ability to vote at the general election. So I should just remain without a party and vote in the general election?

    • It’s up to you which party you want to be a part of (or if you want to remain independent). Just to let you know if you make any changes to your party now they won’t take effect until after the general election (that’s how it works – the changes go into effect once a year after the general election). Either way you can still vote in the general election!

  • Bernie absolutely must speak to this issue publicly and repeatedly before the election. This is worse than Arizona. The fact that 3.2 million people (1 in 4 registered NY voters), many of whom are Millennials and minority voters, will be forbidden from participating in this election because of and Oct 2015 deadline has to be known. This has to come out on national media before the inevitable Hillary victory in NY which has been rigged. The campaign has a duty to battle the misconception that a muted NY vote indicates the beginning of the demise of Bernie. This issue must be publicized aggressively and before the election – because the injustice will springboard turnout in NY and future primaries.

    • I just wanted to address you as I think it’s not fair to assume that this was rigged in any way for the benefit of Hillary. I am not a first time voter and not affiliated with a party and so I am impacted by the Oct. 9 deadline. All of the independents I happen to know are prevented from participating in the primary. Our votes would be cast for Hillary. However, my daughter is a first time voter and I made sure she met the reasonable March 25 deadline once I found out about this issue to make sure she would be able to vote for Bernie. I think all NY voters lose when a deadline for voting is obscure and takes place six months in advance of the election. Please don’t cloud the issue by assuming it’s more than an unfair rule for everyone.

      • Gallup Poll has found that about 40% of all voters call themselves Independents.
        IN NH Bernie Sanders won 73 percent of INDEPENDENT votes.
        IN MICHIGAN Sanders walloped Clinton by a 71-28 margin among independents.
        IN MASS Bernie Sanders won the independent vote by a 66-33 margin.
        Even in states where Clinton beat Sanders by considerable margins, Sanders took home the independent vote in a landslide. For example VIRGINIA. Hillary has won all closed primary states.

        On the Republican side, independent voters overwhelmingly favor Donald Trump.

        The rigged NY primary is geared to keep independents out – a result of influence by the party elite to protect “chosen” candidates. Excluding over 1/3 of the electorate from choosing a party within 6 months of the primary election is not done by mistake.

        They will pay – Trump will have a huge advantage in the general election over Hillary because he will continue to draw the republican leaning independent votes, and also disenfranchised Bernie independents, many who will go #bernieorbust. Polls say >25% of Bernie independents will shun Hillary. The voter suppression and corruption must end… one person one vote.

        Bernie’s campaign has to speak up before the NY election results reflect the sad reality here, if only to explain the anticipated inaccurate results based on exclusionary tactics – forget Hillary’s threat to accuse him of not being a true Democrat – Bernie brings independents into the party – no apologies needed.

        • I think I misspoke in my above reply when I characterized the closed primary system as unfair. I think I should have said that it is more accurately unfortunate. I agree, it does keep independents out, but it keeps us all out, not just those who want to vote for Bernie. In reality, closed primaries exist in response to Republican attempts to influence the outcome of the Democratic primary through voter “fraud” and not for the party to elect chosen candidates. Independents like us want to participate, but in truth this is a Democratic primary to select the Democratic party nominee and it is set up as such.
          In the example I provided above, Bernie is actually benefiting from the current rules. New voters like my daughter, who are overwhelmingly voting for Bernie, were able to register up until March 25 and are able to vote. I agree that it’s unfortunate that we have closed primaries, and that in NY the deadline has reached the level of absurdity. But to me I see it as a response to avoid Republican manipulation and not rigging by the Democratic party. The NY primary has always been held this way. If your hypothesis were true and the Democratic party has a “chosen” candidate and was rigging the outcome through closed primaries, Hillary would have been the nominee over Obama. He was able to secure the nomination and in no way was the “chosen” candidate going in to the primary season. My only reason for commenting is that I feel it’s important to keep focus on who our anger should be focused on, and that for me is Trump/Cruz and Republican tactics which force us to have closed primaries.

          • The focus of this website is getting people out to vote for Bernie in NY and beyond – in case you overlooked the name of the website. We are not here to focus our anger on Trump/Cruz and look beyond to the general election. We are passionate for Bernie. If we have to consider holding our noses and voting for a supremely corrupt candidate in November then so be it. Yes Hillary is the “chosen candidate” and the NY system is insanely rigged against any candidate that could otherwise benefit from millions of independent votes. The fact that first time voters can rightfully register a month before the election is nothing new and is not the issue… except for the fact that many first time registrants are oddly not able to confirm they are registered and may be prevented from voting like in Arizona.

            Before Clinton wins in NY the world needs to understand why this happened! Keeping independents out of the equation, annew voter suppression has been a DNC objective behind the scenes, as has been the manipulation and control of super delegates.

  • I came upon the site when searching on how to check that my first time voter daughter was good to go to vote for Bernie. I made a respectful comment and I get it that you are passionate about Bernie. My comment was not intended to inflame or offend you but to offer a different perspective. I am sorry if I unintentionally crashed your party. Feel free to delete the entire exchange and I sincerely hope that everyone who wants to vote has the opportunity.

  • I am pretty darn upset about this. I have been a registered Independent for years and changed party affiliations to be able to vote for Bernie in NY’s primary. I was unaware that in order to do this, I had to switch back in Oct! In Oct, I wasn’t 100% sure I wanted to vote for Bernie! How can we get this changed? This deadline makes absolutely no sense!

    • Hi Sarah. Yeah, it really makes no sense! You can sign the letter at and contact your local legislators to ask that they address this issue!

      • Ella, A comment by a woman named Anna (above)who worked at closed primaries in Pennsylvania caught my eye. If we missed the cut off and cannot vote in the Dem primary, can we write in Bernie Sanders in the Repub primaries since even though we changed parties, we are still repb until after the general election ? Is that what she meant? Can you expand on this topic ?

  • Get out to vote in the primaries all Democrats in NY ! BERNIE ! Don’t miss it for anything please ! Thank you Ella..please inform myself and others whether we can write in Bernie Sanders name on Tuesday ,exactly as it appears on the ballot,spelled exactly as it is written..maybe there is a way around being locked out by the Oct 9th deadline.

  • I had changed my Political Party to Democrat, but somehow it has changed me to “Not enrolled in a party” when I checked today. What is this witchcraft?

  • Can you give me information on a confusing matter?
    When I changed my affiliation in August (so I’m safe for tomorrow’s primary) I got a card in the mail stating that I was ineligible to vote in my November election. Is this true? Numerous people who have been confused about the October vs March cut off points changed party affiliation too late for the primary but have also received cards stating they were unable to vote in the upcoming general election. What is all that nonsense? I couldn’t find any info on board of elections website.

    • Hi Alex,
      I’m not sure what the issue is. The only reason you wouldn’t be eligible to vote in a general election is if you registered less than 25 days before the election. The best thing to do in these cases is to call your county Board of Elections and ask them to clarify. It does seem odd.

  • Kevin Sangchuntr

    Hi, I’m a first time voter and I registered prior to the March 25 deadline. I made sure to check off democrat however when I checked my voter registration on the online website, I saw that I’m labeled that I have not enrolled in a political party. What can I do?

    • Your voter registration record states that you first registered in 2010. Is it possible you could have registered previously, for example when getting a driver’s license?
      If you think that this definitely isn’t the case or that there has been a mistake, the best thing to do is to call your county Board of Elections in the morning (find yours here: to ask what happened. They should be able to see your original voter registration and figure out what went wrong.

      Regardless, you should still go to the polls and if you are refused, ask for an affidavit ballot and vote that way.

      Please also report your issue to Election Justice by filling the form hereL

  • Hello, Im a first time voter and apparently I need to show some type of photo ID. My only issue is my mailing address which is a PO Box, is on everything from bank statements to Drivers License. Will having a PO Box on my license affect my ability to vote? My polling place is within walking distance from my residential address.

    • Hi Alex,
      Was your PO box mailing address also listed on your voter registration form? I’m not sure what the rules are in this case so you should call your county Board of Elections to confirm. In any case you should attempt to vote normally and if there is an issue, request to vote by affidavit ballot instead. Good luck!

  • This is ridiculous! I had definitely not been aware that I needed to register with a party before Oct. 9th in order to vote in the upcoming primaries. I naively thought registering back in Feb. would be more than sufficient.
    I am beyond outraged and can’t help but feel like this is being done in such a way as to precisely prevent young voters, and voters in general from being able to have a say, and I want a say in who I want to vote for in the general election. Two terrible options is no option at all and not being able to have a say in who those options are is silencing a vast amount of people.
    I certainly feel beyond cheated.

    • We agree.. it is beyond ridiculous. All we can do is to put all our support behind changing these ridiculous laws. There is a letter to Schumer at that you can sign.

  • I have a question. I picked Republican Party when I was 18, and have not changed it. I didn’t realize you had that option. Anyway, even though I’m registered Rep, can I vote Dem in the Primary tomorrow?

  • In regards to your reply, when i received my voter application by mail, I put in my residential address then I put in my mailing address(PO Box). I also checked my voting status and in the residential address row it has my home address, in the mailing address row it has my PO Box.

  • I registered as an independant in 2008, and have moved several times, without re-registering until February of this year, and put my party down as democratic. Given the circumstances is it possible for me to vote in todays primary?

  • I wasn’t aware of the switching deadline until it was far too late, so i can’t vote in the MYS primary. I was wondering though if for whatever reason Bernie doesn’t make it to the general, would we be able to write him in? I feel like he has enough support if we all get on the same page with a write in.

  • Hi, I am a first-time NYC voter and registered democratic before the March 25 deadline, but the voting card I received in the mail says under party “none.” Can I still vote today?

  • Hi! Do you know if affidavit ballots will be counted this primary in NY? I am very frustrated because I am apparently one of the people who’s voting registration was purged and didn’t find this out until they couldn’t find my name at my polling place, and they told me to fill out an affidavit ballot. I have been a registered Democrat since 2012 and voted in the 2012 election from King’s County. I moved since then, but changed my voter registration through the DMV and earlier this year I was able to confirm online that I was successfully registered at my current address. But now when I log in to the NYS voter site it says ‘no records found’ regardless of whether I put in my old or current zipcodes. This is so alarming to hear that this is happening to so many people! I wish I had been better informed before casting the affidavit ballot as I didn’t know I could get a court order.

  • Hello! I have a question about some confusion at the polls today that maybe you can help with. I was told when I got to the polling place that they couldn’t find a record of me. I checked online to see if I was still registered at my old address, but it kept saying ‘no records.’ So I thought my registration was lost and my only option was to cast a provisional ballot, which I did. But now I’m checking again at the computer and I’m finding my registration at my old address. Is it possible for me to now go to that polling place and cast a regular ballot? Or I can’t do that now that I turned in the provisional ballot? I don’t want to commit voter fraud or anything by casting two ballots! But I’ve been hearing everyone say that no one counts the provisional ones. Thanks so much for answering everyone’s questions!

  • Claudia Villar Leeman

    I’m writing to let you know that I was unable to vote for Bernie in the NYC primaries yesterday. I didn’t know who else to contact.

    I am currently volunteering in the Dominican Republic and sent in a request for an absentee ballot twice, both well before the deadline, and neither time got any reply. I have been unable to contact my Board of Elections. I am very frustrated and saddened by the terrible voter accessibility in this important primary.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can do at this time.

  • Eileen Tennant

    I wanted to change my voter affiliation so that I could vote for Bernie in the NY primary. I called my BOE and ask how I do that and was told it was a simple form to complete and return to them. This was in May of 2015. I was then informed that the change would not be effective until AFTER the general election in 2016. I checked on the Internet and a governmental voting information site verified this. I was both mystified and angry that it would take 17 months to get this done. Was I misinformed?

    • Yes, you were misinformed. If you changed your party affiliation in May 2015 it would take effect after the November 2015 general election, which means you are a Democrat and could have voted for Bernie.
      Changes to party affiliation gathered during the year always go into effect after the November general election each year, as long they were submitted at least 25 days before the election.

  • Louisa Cabot Myers

    It is August 2nd. Is it too late to change my party affiliation? How do I do it regardless of date

    • Hi,
      You can change your affiliation now but it won’t take effect until mid-November. This means you can’t vote in any primaries until next year. But you can still vote in the General election!

  • I changed my voter registration in May from Republican to Independent. When I just voted, however, I was still listed R. Why? What do I have to quit the Republican Party?!

    • In NY, changes of party take effect after the general election. If you check your status in a week or so you should be switched to independent.

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