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NYC – Citywide |  Brooklyn | Manhattan | Queens | Staten Island | The Bronx
New York State – Central NY | Southern NY | Upstate NYWestern NY
New York CDs – Find your local coordinator by Congressional District


NYC – Citywide

African Americans for Bernie – meetups and grassroots organizing

La representación en español que tiene Bernie Sanders es escasa, y sobre todo, importa registrar nuevos votantes para las primarias demócratas. Charlaremos sobre nuestras impresiones de Bernie, nuestras experiencias individuales, y sobre como hacer campaña a pie de calle. ¡Estarás entre amigos, cervezas, y para completarlo, al aire libre!

We are a group of women and men from New York that believe Bernie Sanders is the best choice for women. We are affiliated with Women for Bernie Sanders 2016.

Grassroots activists putting boots on the ground for Bernie Sanders in NYC. Brainstorming, pamphleting, guerrilla printing & placement … bring YOUR ideas!

We are activists and organizers building a broad, effective movement for democratic change.


NYC – Brooklyn

Brainstorming, planning and actual projects. Emphasis on how to promote Bernie Sanders ON social media & OUTSIDE of social media in Bay Ridge.

Brooklynites organizing for Bernie. Canvassing, voter outreach and other projects

Check out the facebook page for Brooklyn Bernie events and news

Grassroots organizing for Bernie Sanders in North Brooklyn.

Bushwick-based events, parties and meetings

Neighbors in Crown Heights, Brooklyn who want to see Bernie as the next POTUS.


NYC – Manhattan

A project to get a Bernie canvasser on every intersection on September 5th

We are supporters of @BernieSanders from Roosevelt Island.

Grassroots Organizing Group to Support Bernie Sanders for President. Come meet-up with us, learn about where Bernie stands, and how we can support Bernie in 2016. We are an independently minded group, not funded by any candidate or candidate committee. We’re an all volunteer team, supported by the people and not the Billionaires. Come join the revolution.


NYC – Queens

We are Bernie supporters hailing from the greater borough of Queens, New York.


NYC – Staten Island

Brainstorming, planning and actual projects. Emphasis on how to promote Bernie Sanders ON social media & OUTSIDE of social media ON THE ISLAND.

A MeetUp group for supporters of Bernie Sanders for President in 2016 – Based in Staten Island but open to people of all 5 boroughs!


NYC – The Bronx

We are volunteers introducing Bernie sanders to our brothers & sisters in the Bronx and organizing for #berniesanders2016. Come join the political Revolution.

We are from the great borough of Bronx and we love our fellow New Yorker Bernie Sanders who is running for president in 2016


Central NY

CNY for Bernie is rallying upstate New York in favor of Bernie Sanders! Reach out to them if you’d like to get involved or are another group in upstate NY that wants to coordinate efforts.

Ready to #FeelTheBern, Ithaca and Tompkins County? Locals and students, let’s put BernieSanders in the White House!

Organizing for Bernie in & around Kingston, NY

NY Capital Region for Bernie Team

Grassroots movement for Bernie in the Oneonta area

Supporters of Bernie Sanders for President in the Saratoga area

Organizing for Bernie in Columbia County. We meet every Tuesday – come and join us!


Southern NY

Meet other Bernie volunteers and learn about local events in Long Island

We are Long Islanders who support @BernieSanders for president. We #FEELTHEBERN. Welcome.

Rockland County, NY Volunteers for Bernie Sanders 2016

Westchester County, NY Volunteers for Bernie Sanders


Upstate NY

Organizing for Bernie in Ulster County

Join the revolution from Upstate NY


Western NY

A group for all those who support Bernie Sanders in the Western NY region.

Monroe County for Bernie Sanders is run by the delegates to Democratic National Convention from in the 25th Congressional District of New York State. We are gearing up the volunteer activity in the area with a number of events focused on phone banking, canvassing, signature gathering to get Bernie on the ballot and more.

For all people near and far to meet and greet with one common interest – to discuss and promote the Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders.

Rochester-based support for Bernie

Share the Bern


  • Can you please add these 2 upstate Bernie teams on this page?
    NY Capital Region for Bernie &
    Saratogians for Bernie ?

  • Could you ad our facebook for Bernie to the western NY section. Thank You.

    We are looking for others in Congressional District #23 that plan to or are willing to gather signatures to get Bernie on the Ballot. Start date is December 29th.

  • Sorry forgot to add link … Facebook group forming with uocoming events. “Olean area for Bernie Sanders”

    • Thanks Christopher… We’ve added your group! Good luck with your events next week.. we’ll do what we can to spread the word!

  • I’d like to find a phone banking party on Long Island but I don’t see any. I figured I’d start at a party and then continue to phone bank from home. I think a party is a good way to get oriented with the calling system and meet some folks. I can’t find any near me (Brooklyn is too far)

    • Hi Michael,
      Parties are popping up all the time so hopefully something near you will be scheduled soon. I will connect you to some Long Island organizers anyway who may be able to schedule something or help you get started. Thanks!

  • Many people I know, including myself, would like to find out how to switch party affiliation from “I” to “D” in order to vote in the primary. I’ve heard Bernie supporters tell me that they do not trust writing in his name in November (never in American history has a write-in candidate ever won an election)

    • Hi Rick!

      In NY State, as you may know, the deadline has passed to switch parties for the Primary. There are still many ways to get involved with the Bernie campaign if you are not a registered Democrat. Right now, calling the key early primary states is super important. Here is a link to find events near you:

      We are quite confident that Bernie will officially be on the ballot for both the Primary and General Elections!

  • Many people I know, including myself, would like to know how to switch party affiliation from “I” to D” in order to vote in the primaries. The main reason for this is many people feel a write-in candidate (in November) cannot win an election.

  • Hi Ella! I want to pass some information on to you, in hopes that it can be shared with all NY Bernie groups. Albany is hosting “BernieCon- We Are Bernie” event April 2, from 1-4 pm.

    We are inviting every group across NYS and neighboring states in an attempt to set a world record for the most Bernie lookalikes in one place. This will also be an opportunity for every group in NY to collaborate and coordinate efforts leading up to our primary election. We will also include a march for Bernie around our state capitol in our Bernie costumes. Guinness’s presence to record an official count is being requested. We are hoping this will create enthusiasm going into the canvass/GOTV crunch between April 1 and 19, and turn out new volunteers to help. We are also hoping to generate positive media coverage with a fun and productive event at our state capitol building. We would like to see enough interest to have bus transportation from Buffalo, NYC, and Plattsburg to Albany!

  • Eager to join a political campaign operations for the inspirational Bernie Sanders in Rockland Co.

    As a 68 year old retiree with liberal values, I’ve been waiting too long for the political revolution & to work with like-minded people sharing similar empathetic values.
    Sign me up!

  • Who can speak to me about my interest in allowing my suv to be vinyl wrapped as a pro Bernie Campaign. I often drive in NYC and Westchester (Rivertowns, Yonkers, Scarsdale, Hartsdale, and White Plains) ?

  • Tune in to see Bernie on The New Turks online today at 6pm – they have a large Internet following.

  • This entire site is brilliant. I will check to see if this exists comparably in other states, particularly PA and CA? Can you enlighten me? I also welcome anyone reading this to join our group, BERNIE SANDERS: Advice and Strategies to Help Him Win! Thank you very much for the good and indispensable work you have put into building this page.

    My letter to NY Times re: today’s article, Will the Fervor of Bernie Sanders’s Legions Endure?

    Dear Editor: This article surprises me in its under-informing essentially skeptical tone. When I read articles by Yamiche Alcindor, Gail Collins, or Charles M. Blow in the Times, I am grateful that they are fair, open-minded, and thorough. However, this one by Anand Giridharadasapril, with its focus on Bernie’s supporters’ demeanor and clothes: I wonder “how did this end up in the most august newspaper in America?” Bernie’s supporters in NY are far more diverse than what this article implies, that we are either old hippies or naïve non-politically-skilled young people. After all, as an Indian, he should know how long the fervor of Gandhi’s Legions endured! I would like to read more of what Gail Collins was getting at in analyzing New Yorkers memories of Senator Clinton’s lackluster years as NY Senator, and how New Yorkers perceive the horrific parts of her career at State.
    Stephen Fox
    New Millennium Fine Art
    Santa Fe, New Mexico

    121 W. San Francisco
    Santa Fe, NM 87501
    505 983-2002

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