Election Resources

1. How to vote in NY

2. Absentee Ballot Application – applications must be delivered in person to the Board of Elections before April 18th. See this page (for more information.

3. NYDLC Voter Protection Guide (meant for poll watchers but has useful info)


Canvassing Resources

1. NY Staff List – find your local campaign organizer to get walk lists, literature and training.

2. New York City AD/ED list – handy resource when requesting/cutting turf

3. Ulster4Bernie NY Canvassing Videos

Event Resources

1. Volunteer Sign Up Sheet – Sign in your volunteers when they arrive and recruit people you meet who support Bernie. If you would like them to get the NYC event newsletter, you can photograph & email completed sheets to

2. Flyers – These can now be obtained from campaign offices but here are some grassroots options:

  • See the large collection in NYC4Bernie’s dropbox
  • Now is the time flyer: English | Spanish
  • Who is Bernie Spanish
  • Issues postcards: English
  • African Americans for Bernie postcard: English
  • Bernie Vs Hillary flyer: English (or old version in English & Spanish)
  • Climate Change Flyer: English
  • Intro to Bernie Half-Sheet: Chinese | Arabic | French
  • Another compilation of flyers in Korean, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Tagalog, Russian and French can be found here

4. Absentee Ballot Applications (English | Spanish– it’s useful to have these handy for those who will be away on April 19th. Advise them to fill the form and walk it in to their local Board of Elections – they can vote on the same day as turning in the application! It is also possible to mail the application (before April 12th) and they will get a ballot in the mail which they will have to return. – Research the issues and download flyers relating to each issue – All the online tools you can use to help make Bernie the next president

Voter Registration Event Resource

(NOTE: New York deadline for Voter Registration has now PASSED)

1. Voter Registration How To

2. Voter Data Entry Form – Use this form to record voter data from completed registration cards (pro-Bernie registrations only!) for use by the campaign in GOTV later. Don’t forget to mail or drop off forms promptly after collecting the data!

3. Registration Forms – You can pick up a big stack of free registration cards from your local Board of Elections (locations: NYS | NYC) or you can use the printable versions (English | Spanish).


Voter Registration FAQ & Information

Voter Registration FAQ – Find an answer to your questions!

NY Voter Registration Info – NY Voter Registration informational doc from the campaign – Registration resources for every state.


Reach & Register handout – made for the 9/16 Reach & Register parties

Petitioning Guide – rules and tips for collecting signatures.

CD Coordinators – Who to contact about petitioning in your district

Share the Bern


  • I am a Political Science professor at Farmingdale College, SUNY, on Long Island. Would it be possible to arrange for a speaker to discuss the candidate before my two classes, Introduction to Political Science and Introduction to Political Theory? The classes meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 4:30 and 7:15 pm. Each class has approximately 30 students.

    Thank you,

    Lowell F. Wolf
    Assistant Professor

  • Saratogians for Bernie is looking for a Bernie motivational speaker and someone to speak about the state-wide effort to GOTV, or similar. Event is in Saratoga Springs at the Parting Glass April 1 at 7pm. Thank you. Sue Scherer

  • Fliers that can quickly connect people with the registration URL’s and deadlines, to help fill the gaps between voter registration drives:

  • We are having a community event April 10th and expect a fair amount of press. Since you are in the neighborhood we’d like to extend an invitation to any members of your team that might like to be involved.

    More details on the official press release here:

  • Victory for Bernie by :
    1. 60’s style mass rallies or Be Ins ( Bernie In’s ) in Central Park or other locations with appropriate music acts and celebrities – where Is Dr . Michelle Alexander ?
    2 . Use of Apple Steve Jobs ” Think Different ” Ad – ” The people that think they are crazy enough to change the world , are the ones that do ”
    3. Get rid of Mr . Sanders ” Jerry Springer Show ” style intro music . I heard this again before the Harlem Townhall 4/09/16 . This music in no way enhances the Sanders message nor properly primes an audiance for receptivity – no wonder later he had a heckler . Play ” Jerry Springer ” music and you will have ” Jerry Springer” results .
    4 . Today’s social media presidential campaigns need campaign music supervisors , music can go viral .
    Bernie Sanders must win ! … ” Disrupt The Corrupt “

  • Fantastic Page — thank you!!! “When we stand together there is nothing we cannot accomplish. But when we’re divided, the big money interests will always win.” — Bernie

  • Everyone, please check your voter registration status!! I went online last October to register as a Democrat so I could vote in the primary, and I just checked my status online now and found I’m listed as not being registered for any party.

    This is outrageous! I deliberately went onto the voter registration site on the DMV and registered as a Democrat in October 2015. I can’t tell you how sad and angry I am that I won’t be able to vote in the primary. I have no idea how to dispute this with the Board of Elections. If this has happened to more people than just me—and I only checked because I saw a post on FB warning people to check—it could be catastrophic.

    • Hi Kim, You hopefully shouldn’t have to dispute them – maybe just insist a bit that they look into your case. They can look up your records and hopefully see what went wrong. I definitely recommend giving them a call. If you have any records (email confirmation or the voter card you should have gotten after registering) I would look those up too.

      • I called them. It’s all confused. First, they couldn’t find my voter record, even though I was looking right at it online. Then, after I gave them the serial number off a Voter Approval Notice card I got after changing my record on the DMV site, they found the record and could see the DMV change, but couldn’t confirm it because what I did on the DMV site didn’t go through. So, they’re looking into it for me, but didn’t call me back like they said they would. I know the DMV must’ve recorded something because the change triggered the BOE to mail me the Voter Approval Notice, but the approval notice doesn’t record the party affiliation change. I’m listed as not affiliated. I would never have even checked on this, except that I saw a post on Facebook today, urging people to confirm their registration because others are also finding their party affiliation is not recorded correctly.

  • If a celebrity wanted to endorse Mr. Sanders, who should they contact?

  • Hello fellow Berners,

    This is our last weekend to GOTV. We had a ‘loftstorm’ in SOHO last night and decided that each person will make a list of 10 people they know and feel may lean Bernie and email them with a comparison/contrast video data Bernie vs HRC. For example, on three issues: 1) environmental action (and all related votes in Congress/Senate each cast); or business undertakings to promote environmentally bad policies or actions such as fracking; 2) on trade deals 3) on health care

    Or to have 3 solid U tube links illustrating each candidate, position on one issue over time;

    Or three websites where strong research based articles or op-eds have been posted.

    Please, join the push for those undecided or those who like Bernie but do not know how much he has done over time in his public service.

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