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Welcome and thank you for offering to make phone calls for Bernie in New York!

If you haven’t read through them, please make sure you’re comfortable with the training materials first then fill the form below.

Once we’ve received your information we’ll email you your own personal link to the call tool. This may take a day or two – we’re dealing with a lot of sign-ups, which is a good thing!

If you have any questions, or would just like to introduce yourself, please email

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  • Looking forward to making calls real soon!

  • I would love to make calls

  • I speak only limited spanish. however i am fluent in french.

    • Great to know.. that could definitely come in handy! Thanks for signing up to call.. you should get your login link very shortly!

  • Hey Ella, I have a few questions:

    1) If someone asks, “how did the Bernie Sanders campaign get my phone number and personal information,” how should I respond?

    2) Did all of the people we are calling already give their information to the Bernie campaign?

    3) Is all information that we have publicly available? If so, how did we get it?

    Thanks for fielding these questions. As paranoid as they may seem, I feel that anyone with these concerns would feel more at ease if I’m able to offer a quick and accurate answer. As well, if there are any additional points that might be relevant to a person with these questions, feel free to add those to your response as I’m sure there are other similar concerns I have not thought of addressing yet.


    • Hi Eric,
      Thanks for bringing this up.. these are great questions! So here we go:
      1) We got their information from the public record. When someone registers to vote and enters a phone number or email on the registration form it becomes publicly available information. The information can be used by anyone for the purposes of political campaigning only.
      2) No they did not give it to us, they gave it to the Board of Elections when they registered to vote. The Board of Elections made it available to us for political purposes.
      3) Yep! We simply requested the information from the BoE via a Freedom of Information request.

      Thanks again for your Qs, I hope this helps! Let us know if you have other questions. I will add some of this to the training materials as I’m sure it will come up a lot. I will also ask for an opt-out option on the form so we can note if we should never call them again.

  • I don’t know if my registration took. I’m using a tablet.

  • Just a quick suggestion, since this is New York and there are many languages spoken here, you might want to leave a blank spot for people to enter a language other than Spanish or Mandarin in the language section of the sign-up form…Thanks!

  • On Board for making Calls for Bernie…

  • Hey gang, I’m from New Jersey. I am a big Bernie supporter.

    My question is, is could this count for community service hours? My school has a requirement of 10 community service hours per marking period, so I was looking to kill 2 birds with one stone.


    • Hi Max!
      Thanks for getting in touch! I don’t know if this would count or not.. I think your school would be able to answer that. If it helps we can write an email you can show them attesting to the fact that you made calls. Thanks!

  • Hi,
    I’m Eddie from Ballston Spa, I’ve been making calls for Bernie Events and can’t wait to turn it up a notch for a great chance to be part of the salvation of Democracy as we know and love it, and Bernie is the only Candidate addressing the problems and connecting the dots.

  • I figure out how to sign up. am looking forward to doing this for Bernie, my country and my children’s future.

  • will be speaking as a lifelong independent who recently registered as a democrat in Maryland to vote for Bernie! can’t wait to get started!

    are weekends bad or optimal for calling? i guess evenings are best to possibly get someone on the phone but I guess all times are good for leaving messages.

    I did many calls and ran into tons of people who had been called repeatedly and turned off by it. their displeasure sometimes carried over to a dislike of the candidate I was calling about. are you sending out the same numbers to more than one person?

    • Hi Jeanne,
      Thanks for joining the effort!
      As long as you don’t share your personal call link with anyway the numbers shouldn’t get shared. Numbers assigned to you stay assigned to you. For weekend calls many have reported that people don’t enjoy evening calls on the weekend but it really depends on the person. You can also see their age on the call tool and make a judgement if you think it’s too late to call them. Did you do calls on the weekend? What was your experience?
      In general though I would go with whatever works better for you. We have a HUGE amount of people to call in a short time so we have to make the most of what time we have left.

  • So I just signed up again for today…….where are the phone numbers?
    Can I minimize the screen and take a break if I need to do something else and then go right back to it?

    • Hi Susan,
      You can certainly minimize it and come back to it.
      Or if you lose the page you can just go back to the email you got with your link and open the link again.
      Thanks for making calls!

  • I am looking for a national phone bank for Bernie. Don’t we have one? I made calls for Iowa on issue 1 from California at home. This is the best way for me to volunteer. I saw a NYphone bank but nothing else and if I understand it that oct deadline to register has past. I made calls for Obama at a center but I can be just as effective at home using my computer and my flip Phone

  • why can’t I use this phone banking? It just comes up a blank screen?

  • can i help if im from another country?

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