NY – Are you eligible for time off to vote?

You can request time off to vote if:

  • You are working on election day (Tuesday April 19th)
  • Your shift hours mean you would have less than 4 hours before or after your shift during which you could vote (see poll opening/closing times below).

For example, if the polls in your county are open from 6am – 9pm and your shift is 9am – 6pm that means you have only 3 hours before or after your shift to vote. Since you don’t have a full 4 hours before or after, you are eligible to request time off.

Polls are open:
– 6am to 9pm in New York City, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester County, Rockland County, Orange County, Putnam County, and Erie County
– 12pm – 9pm Everywhere else


Requesting time off

  • You must notify your employer at least 2 working days before the election (Friday April 15th)
  • Your employer cannot legally deny your request
  • Your employer can decide if your time off should be at the start or end of your shift.
  • You can request as many hours of time off as you need to allow you to vote
  • Your employer must pay you for up to 2 hours of time off


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