One of the great things about the Bernie Sanders campaign is the vibrancy of the grassroots movement around it. That means there are new groups and events popping up all the time. See you there!

Bernie Event Central

Bernie Sanders 2016 Bernie 2016 Event Central – the official place to find Bernie events! If you’re hosting, please make sure you post your event there.
berniemeetups Event Map – a cool map of Bernie events throughout the country. Pulls directly from the Event Central database so is always up to date.
“Ride Ride with Bernie – find or create a carpool for a Bernie Sanders event. Options for both volunteer event organizers and those that need a rideshare to a Bernie event.

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  • Offered to host a Sanders Fans Debate Watch Party weeks ago but don’t find my site listed when our zip code is put in the search for this event. Not sure to whom I should address this concern! This is the only advertising I was planning on having done. Thanks if you can help.

    • Hi Lynne,
      Is it on that you’re having an issue? You could try and log in to the My Events control panel to see if your event is listed there and if there are any issues with it:
      We’re not affiliated with the official campaign so can’t help very much with any issues unfortunately. Hope it works out!

  • I am looking for a NY Sullivan County group that I can have any type of contact

    for future vollenteer work for Bernie, I still cant find any local event either in PA?NY local

    near Callicoon NY Narrowsburg NY or Honesdale PA Wayne county. please call me land line at

    570-224-0923 the PA Bernie people are way too far for me they are at bottom of PA.

    I am located right on border of Delaware River Callicoon, NY. Thank You!!!!

    • Hi Louise! There is indeed a group in Sullivan. I passed your message on to them and they will email/call you shortly to connect you with the action! Thanks!

  • Are there any canvassing trips to Ohio planned this weekend (3/12-13) for volunteers from NYC? NYC to Youngstown is only 6.25 hour drive.


  • Lisa Mullenneaux

    Please have the NYC or Manhattan team email me. Great effort at Astor Place Thurs night.

  • Hi! I am a Swedish Bernie-supporter who will be in New York during the primary (13-19 April). I would love to see Bernie live, perhaps during a speech, debate or something like that. I have looked through the events page but I can’t find anything and I am wondering if you can help me.

    • I believe he will hold a rally in Washington Square Park on April 13th and there will also be a debate between him and Hillary on April 14th (Go to his official website and click on events for exact informations). You really picked an awesome time to be in New York.

      • Thank you so much for informing me! I actually just rebooked my broadway show just to be able to attend the rally. So EXCITING!

  • Catherine Riggs

    Is there a list of where Bernie will be speaking in NY? and the N.E.? I cant find it. I’d love to attend. Thanks.

  • How come the rally for April 13 is not posted on the events map?

    • Sorry Kellie, we’re not the organizers of the event so I can’t speak to that. Not sure why it’s not on there!

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