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Getting on board

  • Look out for an email with a subject like “Julie, ready to start calling for Bernie?”
  • If you don’t get one within 4 hours of signing up, please check your spam. If you still haven’t gotten it after 24 hours please email us at
  • The email will contain your personal link to the call tool. Do not share this link with anybody or you will double call people! If a friend wants to help, point them to the sign up page.

Using the Call for Bernie Tool

1. When you’re ready to call, use your personal link to enter the call tool.

2. You will see a simple page with a suggested script, a phone number to call and a set of form fields that you need to fill.

3. Before you call, look at the voter information.  


This tells you a few things:

  • Party: If the party says “Blank” or “No Party” you are calling an independent. The way you talk to them may differ to how you discuss Bernie with, say, a Green voter.
  • DOB: The age may give you a clue about whether the voter will be available. If it is after 8pm and the voter is elderly, you could skip the call and come back to it later (see “Skipping a Call” below)
  • Last Voted: This is the date the person last voted. If it’s in the last 3 years, they are likely to be a more engaged/informed voter than than someone who hasn’t voted since the presidential elections in 2012.

4. If the voter doesn’t pick up, use the suggested voicemail script to leave a voicemail if possible. Enter “No, did not pick up” in the “Did the Voter Pickup” field and if you left a voicemail, tick the “Left Voicemail” checkbox. Click the “Submit” button to save the data.

5. If the voter does answer, now is your moment! Remember to introduce yourself as a grassroots volunteer and make sure you are speaking with the right person. Work through the script and fill the fields:

  • Did the voter pickup?
    Select “Yes, picked up” or one of the other options where applicable.
  • Where does the voter stand?
    After you’ve asked if the voter is a Bernie supporter and explained the deadline, fill this field. It helps if you familiarize yourself with the options before the call. The person’s stance may change during your chat so you can always revisit this field later in the call.

    • Bernie supporter – Already registered Democrat
      The person is supportive and has already re-registered as a Democrat. Ask if they have registered recently because our records say they are registered as _____ (see voter information).
    • Bernie supporter – Will re-register Democrat
      The person is supportive and wants to re-register. Make sure you explain how to register or take their email so we can send them information.
    • Bernie supporter – Will NOT re-register Democrat
      The person is supportive but will not re-register. We won’t call these voters again for the primary but may call on them for the presidential!
    • Bernie supporter – Unsure about re-registering Democrat
      The person is a supporter but does not want to commit to registering Democrat (or doesn’t want to say). Explain to them how to register if they decide to do so and reinforce the Oct 9 deadline.
    • Undecided
      The voter does not know if they will support Bernie. You can tell them why you support Bernie and ask if they would like to know more about a particular issue. Point them to for more information.
    • Would not say
      The voter would not share their stance with you. Point them to for more information.
  • Aware primary deadline?
    If you were able to talk to the caller about the Oct 9 deadline and they understood, select Yes. Otherwise select No.
  • Email address
    If the caller requested more information, enter their email address and tick the box that corresponds to what the caller asked for. If it is something else, use the “Anything else..” text box.
  • Anything else we should know?
    If there is something about this voter you’d like to record that you couldn’t put anywhere else in the form, this is the place.

6. Once you’re finished, click Submit. The data will be recorded and you will be given a new number.

7. Some other useful tips:

Skipping a call – There is no obvious way to do this but if you don’t want to call the voter listed at that particular time, select “No” to the “Did the Voter Pickup” question and do not tick “Left Voicemail” then submit the form to get a new number.

Going back to a previous number – This functionality is currently not operational but in future you will be able to use the “My Call List” button in the top right of the page to look through the numbers you’ve already called. You can go back to ones that didn’t pick up and try them again.


Phone Bank Parties

Unfortunately the Call for Bernie tool is not geared towards phone bank parties. You should not share your personal link to the tool with multiple people or voters could get called more than once.

However, it is still possible to have a phone bank party. You will just need to make sure all your attendees have signed up and received their personal link prior to the event. We will attempt to make this process easier in future.

Don’t forget you will also need one computer per person or should ask people to bring their own laptop.


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  • This is FANTASTIC!!! One question—is it possible for phone bankers to request call lists of voters located in their town/county, rather than randomly across NY?


    • Great.. so glad to have you on board! Sadly that is not yet possible. The call tool is still fairly new. It was originally built by Coders for Sanders for calling volunteers. What you suggest would be a huge improvement and it’s definitely on the list. We’ll let you know when it’s implemenented! Thanks!

  • Thank you for the opportunity to help with this important task. New York is obviously very important.

  • I filled out the form to sign up. What’s next? Do I wait for an email? Do I go to a certain page to get started making calls?

    • Hi Joe,
      Thanks for signing up! Yes, you will get a link by email. It’ll be titled “Joe, ready to start calling for Bernie?” so check your spam if you didn’t get it. Let us know how it goes!

  • It says, “Bernie supporter – Will re-register Democrat
    The person is supportive and wants to re-register. Make sure you explain how to register or take their email so we can send them information.”

    How do I explain how to register? I don’t know what to tell them.

    • Hi,
      You can refer to or for more information. There are 3 routes – download, print and fill a form OR register online via myDMV OR ask for a form to be mailed to you by calling 1800-FOR-VOTE. You can also take down their mailing address and then call 1-800-FOR-VOTE to request a form for them. Or email us and we’ll send them one!

  • The quality of this web work is very high. What a difference from the clipboard flutter of old xeroxes of xeroxes I get at my local Dem club.

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