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Right now we’re focused on contacting the millions of unaffiliated, Green and other voters in New York. We talk to them about Bernie and inform them about the impending Oct 9 deadline for switching party in time to vote for him in the primary next year.

These calls are slightly more complicated than a straight-up campaign phonecall because of the voter registration issues that are unique to New York. However they will be crucial to our efforts and your help is appreciated.

Please read through the materials below. When you’re ready, sign up using the button at the bottom of the page and help us make phone calls for Bernie!

Training Materials

1. Background on the Oct 9th deadline

New York has closed primaries. This means only people registered as Democrats can vote in the Democratic primary next year. The deadline for people to switch party (by re-registering) is Oct 9th 2015.

This deadline does not apply to people who are new voters or are not already registered in New York State.

Many people will not have heard about the deadline and will wonder if it’s real. You can assure them that the New York Board of Elections has confirmed the date with us – the deadline is real and it’s coming up soon! For more information, visit:

Voter Registration FAQ


2. How it works

  • Once you’ve read the training materials and signed up, you’ll receive your personal link to the call tool by email.
  • The call tool hands out numbers to you one by one
  • There is no time commitment – you can make your calls whenever it’s convenient for you, as long as it’s between 10am and 9pm EST


3. Sample Script

This is a sample script. Please feel free to say what feels right, and let us know what worked and what didn’t!

Hi, My name is ________, I’m a grassroots volunteer for the Bernie Sanders campaign for President. I’d like to speak with ______ please.

Are you planning on voting for Bernie in the Democratic Primary in April?

Yes?  That’s great! So, New York has closed primaries, which means that anyone who isn’t registered as a Democrat can’t vote for Bernie in the Democratic Primary in April. We need help to let all Bernie supporters out there know that they need to be registered as a Democrat by October 9th of this year – less than a month away – if they want to vote for him. Right now, you are registered as a ______. Do you plan to change your party so you can vote for him? If so, give them the website which has instructions on how to change registration. If they’d rather get it in an email, take that info down and email them a link.

No? Bernie Sanders is drawing massive crowds all across America. The reason the people are supporting Bernie Sanders is because of his record on issues like economic inequality, campaign finance, gay marriage, criminal justice reform, and holding the billionaires accountable. Basically discuss your reasons for liking Bernie with voter. If they are supportive, give them the information about the closed primary, as in “Yes” above. If unsure you can point them to to find out more. 


Additional scripts for other situations

If the call goes to voicemail you can use the Voicemail Script
If the caller is not home you can leave a message with the person who answers using the Pass a Message Script
If the voter is Spanish and you’re comfortable with it too, give the Spanish script a whirl!


4. Tips for phone banking

Read the general Tips for Phone Banking 


5. Getting on board & using the Call for Bernie Tool

Find out what happens after you sign up and how to use the Call for Bernie Tool.

Please read the Call Tool Guide

Questions / Feedback?

Please remember that we’re all unpaid volunteers and this effort is still new – we welcome all your comments, feedback and questions so that we can work together to improve. You can contact us

Ok, I’m ready to call for Bernie!

Phew, that was a lot to read! If you’re ready, click the button below to sign up and we’ll send you a link to access the Call Tool.
Note: if you’ve already signed up, there is no need to sign up again. Use the personal link we emailed you to go straight to the Call Tool.





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  • Send me a list so I can start calling people, Thanx

    • Hi Rachel! Thanks for getting involved! If you click the “sign up to make calls” button at the bottom of the page you’ll be added to the list of callers and within a day you’ll get your personal link to the call tool software. The call tool gives you the numbers one by one and allows you to record the responses. Welcome to the call team and let me know if you have any questions!

      • Thanx, I filled out links multiple times for this and never heard anything, but I think there was a transition period before this website so I have everything now thank you

        • Great, glad you’re all set! Yeah, there was a bit of a transition period while we got ramped up. We were overwhelmed with the response… which is a good thing I guess! Thanks so much for bearing with us!

  • Great Job guys! What a simple link to get people involved in helping your critical state deadline. Kudos!

  • Is it OK to leave a message or you want us to keep calling until we reach someone?

    • Hi Shari,
      Yes you can leave a voicemail. There is a suggested script on the call tool website. We’re about to change it to this: “Hi, my name is ______, I’m a grassroots volunteer for the Bernie Sanders campaign for President. I’m calling to raise awareness about Bernie Sanders and the issues he stands for. Also, I’d like to let you know that If you do want to vote for Bernie in the primary, you need to register as a Democrat by October 9. For more information please visit: Thank you!”

  • If I am US citizen overseas for the next few months can I still make calls (via an international number) or are there some sort of election rules against this?

  • As a Canadian I’ve been itching to be able to help in some way, I’m so close to NY in Toronto, why is it that you only want US people to call? Thanks for any info, I think Bernie could make the whole world a better place and not just the US if he gets elected.

  • I’ve noticed a lot of people on reddit saying that they’re getting a lot of voicemail hits. Maybe it’s a good idea to write a script for calls that go to voicemail?

    • Hi,
      The voicemail script has always been on the call tool (when you open your personal link) but I’ve added it here now too. Thanks!

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  • Why isn’t this information on Bernie’s national website, or at least not prominently featured? If not now, when?

    Even though I hate making phone calls, I’m going to do this, as I’m a native New Yorker. I think you should do some special outreach to people like me around the country.

    Any statistics on recent successes?

    • Hi Leslie! Thanks for working through your dislike of making calls for Bernie! What kind of special outreach were you thinking of? Once the craziness is over we’ll crunch the data more carefully but anecdotally there have been lots of success stories of people who had no idea about the deadline and are now switching for Bernie!

  • Remember Rock the Vote website when you are stumped for info on where to register,

  • Hi Ella,
    I’m the District 5 coordinator for the Bernie Sanders Connecticut Team. I shared this information with many of our volunteers and I’m wondering what the outcomes were? Just some general #s to share at our council meeting if you have any. Thanks and #FeelTheBern

    • Hi,
      We are collating the data and plan to share it here and in a thank you email to everybody. However I’ll get in touch to get you some information in advance of that for your meeting!

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