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The crowd at a campaign kickoff for State Senate Candidate Debbie Medina getting fired up to go out petitioning!

All over the country, grassroots groups are meeting, creating structure and continuing to build on the networks that have been formed by Bernie’s movement. Bernie has told us all along that we need to elect more progressives at local levels and push for the many legislative changes this country needs. Members of the Team Bernie NY network have begun work on some new projects aligned with Bernie’s platform. Moving forward, we will highlight new projects and any updates that go along with them. If you are interested in spearheading a project and presenting it at a future TBNY meeting, please email the details to to be added to the agenda. The next meeting is Wednesday, June 29th.

Petitioning for NY State Races

Dust off those clipboard and come on out! It’s petitioning time for the primaries for the NY State Assembly and the NY State! Petitioning is the process that gets these candidates on the ballots for the primaries in September. It runs until July 11. There are 3 candidates who have inspired TBNY volunteers to lead projects because their platforms carry many of the same initiatives as Bernie. Additionally volunteers from TBNY are petitioning for themselves for county committee for the Democratic Party.


Paul Newell for State Assembly – Lower Manhattan
Paul Newell has lived and been an organizer in his neighborhood, the Lower East Side, for many many years. He’s running for NY State Assembly in Assembly District 65. TBNY members are organizing to help him petition in his district in lower Manhattan.

Learn more about the candidate and his issues

To get involved with the TBNY petitioning efforts email Sam Moch: or stop by the campaign office at 75 Columbia Street


Documentary Screening: “Excuse Me, Mr. Speaker”

A film documentary about Paul Newell’s historic 2008 race against now convicted-felon former Speaker of the Assembly Sheldon Silver.

Paul Newell For Assembly 2016 Campaign Office

75 Columbia St, Masaryk Towers Community Center

Thursday, July 14

Robert Carroll for State Assembly – Park Slope
Robert Carroll is an election law lawyer and the President of Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats, the only democratic club in Brooklyn to vote to endorse Bernie. He was a major supporter of Bernie here in NY. TBNY members are organizing to help him petition in his district, the 44th Assembly District.

Learn more about the candidate and his issues

To get involved with the TBNY petitioning efforts email George Albro:


Debbie Medina for State Senate – Williamsburg
Debbie Medina, long time housing activist in South Williamsburg is running for State Senate in Dstrict 18 as a Democratic Socialist and Bernie supporter. TBNY members have been working over the last week to get her on the ballot with more events coming up!

Learn about the candidate and her issues

Petition SATURDAY 06/18 – 12-3 and 3-6: Sign Up

Meet at 357 S 3rd St

Petition THURSDAY 06/23 – 6-8pm

Email Mike Korn: to RSVP

Meet at 357 S 3rd St

Your County Committee Races – All over
If you want to run for county committee in your area, you can still signup until Monday June 20th. Reach out to Michael Blecher at to get started. Petitioning runs through July 11th for this election too. You only need 36 signatures to get on the ballot!

” Election days come and go. But political and social revolutions that attempt to transform our society never end ” – Bernie 06/16/2016

Other Projects


Flyer for Congressional Candidate Jeff Kurzon

Jeff Kurzon is a self-described Bernie-crat running on a platform focusing on campaign finance reform at the Congressional level. He is running in Congressional Dstrict 7, which covers Lower Manhattan, North Brooklyn and some Queens. TBNY volunteers are flyering for him to get out the vote before the primary which is June 28th. Lisa Flythe is coordinating these efforts, including a Saturday morning flyer session at Borough Hall and at subway stops after work next week. Email her at or call her at 917-562-1209 to get involved. Learn more about this candidate here.


Petition for Open Primaries
Get signatures on a major petition for open primaries by the organization Open Primaries that will be presented to both party’s conventions as evidence that the electorate is fed up with closed primaries. This effort is ongoing through to the conventions in July but there is a major push happening in NYC this weekend. Email TBNY volunteer Chris Damico at to get plugged into ongoing efforts or come to one of the events this weekend.

Petition this weekend at the Chelsea Market 11-1

SAT 06/18: Sign Up

SUN 06/19: Sign Up

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  • As a group, we could push hard for our constituents to vote for Green Party candidate, Jill Stein.

    Don’t worry, Hillary will still win. Trump’s support has eroded.

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